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DesignaKnit is a computer aided garment shaping and stitch pattern design program for hand and machine knitting. DesignaKnit comes in a choice of 4 product levels to suit your specific knitting design and production needs. These are the core DesignaKnit 9 sections:

Standard Garment Styling– A versatile pattern-drafting tool to create tops and skirts. Select from a range of standard garment measurements or apply your own body measurements for a perfect fit. A variety of styling features can be selected. Garments can be shaped further in Original Pattern Drafting and integrated with stitch patterns in Stitch Designer.

Original Pattern Drafting (included only in Handknit, Machine Pro, and Complete)- Provides almost as much design freedom as pencil and paper, and DesignaKnit provides the tools to make original designing easy and fun. There are three ways to begin a garment. You can start with pieces made in Standard Garment Styling, and then use the Original Pattern Drafting tools to create a unique garment to rearrange, cut, joint with other panels, change tensions, and more. Another method is to start with a square or other geometric shape and create almost any shape by adding, moving or deleting edges. A third method is to trace a garment piece using a background image from a photo or scaled diagram from a published pattern. Original Pattern Drafting tools include easily arranging pieces to visualize how they fit together, changing tensions without changing dimensions, measuring seam perimeters to ensure good fits, choosing how slopes are rendered as stitches and grading a garment to make in-between sizes.

Stitch Designer– Design stitch patterns on a stitch related grid, across any number of pattern repeats, at almost any tension, with or without the fabric texture visible. Choose from a palette of simple drawing tools, or explore the pattern creating features made especially for designing knitwear. Stitch Designer features include KnitWrite DK True Type font stitch symbols, each with knitting instructions and abbreviations (which can be altered by the user). Stitch Designer comes with a collection of 168 cables, many of which are suitable for machine and hand knitting. You can also add your own custom cables and knitting instructions to the list. Other features allow you to insert words or symbols in stitch patterns. Lace can be knitted on Brother and Silver Reed electronic and punch card machines. Stitch Designer has many other features, including adding kaleidoscopic effects, advanced tiling, shadows and outlines, and integrating shapes with stitch patterns so the knitted result is exactly what was shown on the Stitch Designer screen.

Graphics Studio– Enables the conversion of standard graphic image files to all DesignaKnit stitch patterns. Photos, scans, screen shots and graphic art can all be used. Photos are converted to stitch patterns, capturing the original image in impressive detail. You control how image colors are converted to yarn colors by specifying the shades, number of stitches, rows and yarn colors per row.

Interactive Knitting– The Interactive Knitting screen shows the row-by-row progress of knitting, whether by hand or with a machine. It a can be used for garment pieces or swatches. Voice instructions or other alerts can be given when a yarn change or edge shaping is required, when markers have been inserted into the shape, when certain stitch symbols or stitch cables are present in the current row of the pattern, or when the knitting technique changes. Almost any knitting machine can be synchronized with Interactive Knitting using an optional cable link. With each pass of the carriage, the screen is updated to show the progress of the work.

Printouts for Hand and Machine Knitting– Choose from charts showing yarn colors, stitch symbols, textures, with or without garment shaping, text instructions for hand knitters, templates for knitting machine punch cards and reader sheets, shaping outlines with notation, yarn calculations, and more.

DesignaKnit9 System Requirements:

  • Windows XP or later (32-bit or 64-bit). Mac owners can install Windows under Parallels to run DesignaKnit.
  • Screen size at least 800 x 600 pixels for the DesignaKnit program and at least 720p (1280 x 720 pixels) for the on-line tutorial videos.
  • 600 MB free hard drive space.
  • For the optional cable links, a free USB port is required (not applicable to Handknit).
  • CD drive or internet download is required to load the DesignaKnit software.

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