Casting on of City Knits
For knitters and crocheters, a trip to City Knits was like a visit with an old friend.
Originally in the basement and then on the main floor of the majestic Fisher Building in Detroit, for ten years City Knits enjoyed a steady stream of loyal customers and attracted new knitting and yarn enthusiasts who would come downtown early to peruse the store before theater performances.
A drop in audiences due to the global economic recession devastated the community cultivated during the years in the Fisher Building and the difficult decision was made to relocate its skeins, patterns and classes outside of the city.
Next course of action
Some might think that going from the elegance of the Fisher Building to a strip mall might be akin to a dropped stich, but not for the friends and fans of City Knits.
Now located in a Harrison Township in the Mariner’s Pointe Shopping Center, a short distance from I-94 and near Metro Beach Park, the store is flanked by a Kroger grocery store and St John urgent care facility. It’s not as prestigious as the former address, but it offers a communal setting and abundant parking – something customers cherish.
City Knits offers multiple classes and lessons as well as plenty of opportunities for those who like to yearn over yarns.
While not a “yarn superstore” City Knits carries a wide array of yarns from “workhorse” varieties to luxury yarns. Workhorse yarns are decent blends of wools that come in a wide spectrum of colors and options while luxury wool are wools like Merino, Alpaca and others.
City Knits offers quality yarn that will make you a gorgeous sweater at a good price. When you’re going to invest 20 hours into making a sweater, City Knits wants you to have yarn that is going to last.
Picking a pattern
Knitting is a lot like baking or cooking, and patterns are like a recipe. If you aren’t used to being in a kitchen you should probably follow the recipe.
In days past, pattens were learned and passed down by generations or purchased at a store. Now, patterns are readily available online. City Knits continues to stock patterns and can help with online patterns and research.
City Knits also specializes in Couture Knitting – using techniques and details that elevate and refine a basic pattern.
Purls of Wisdom
While knitting is a relaxing hobby for many, it is even more enjoyable when something beautiful, useful and functional is a result of so many hours.

  • Socks it to me. There are as many stitches in a pair of socks as there are in a sweater. Socks are appealing because they are a compact project that knitters can work on anywhere.
  • Oh Baby. Baby blankets have always been a popular project and can take 8-25 hours depending on yarn thickness.
  • Going generational. Many people give heirloom quality sweaters, hats and booties to new babies with the intention of having the item be passed down to future generations. A project like this would use premium luxury yarn.
  • Sweater weather. With the help of City Knits, you can knit a sweater—a simple sweater—in six to 10 lessons.

At City Knits, we want to save knitters from frustration and let them enjoy the process. We want to teach you helpful hints in the beginning of the process so you will enjoy it and be successful.

  • Knitting is a recreational therapeutic release.
  • Stitching makes a person take time to sit and relax.
  • Zoom knitting is alternative to knitting circles or in person instruction.

City Knits stocks many variations and shades of yarn in various quality levels, from workhorse to luxury wools, as well as notions, accessories and patterns.
Areas of expertise:

  • Machine Knitting—What you can do with your hands, can also be done on a machine in much less time.
  • Gauging—Gauge is just a measure of how big your stitches are. Gauge has two parts: stitches and rows. This means gauge is measuring both the width of your stitches and the height of your stitches.
    It can be very frustrating to not be able to wear something you put so many hours into because of poor gauging.
  • Selection—City Knits can assist with yarn selection based on project and knitting levels. From good quality “workhorse” yarn that will make a gorgeous sweater at a good price to luxury yarns perfect for generational sweaters.
    City Knits is not a yarn “superstores.” They have top-quality yarns for every project and also provide expert help.
  • Patterns—Patterns are like recipes. For beginners, it’s important to follow the pattern for the project to work. City Knits can help knitters understand certain patterns through cautious individual sessions or online Zoom connections.