yarnKnitting Heritage Museum Symposium

What began as an idea to educate the public on the historical and cultural significance of knitting and crochet is now one step closer to becoming a reality. The
Wisconsin Historical Society, Dr. Ellsworth Brown, Director, is co-hosting a symposium titled “Knitting Heritage Museum: A Work in Progress,” Nov. 8-10 in Madison with a group of Knitting Heritage Museum volunteers. The Yarn Group of TNNA is a sponsor. Participants will discuss issues involved with making the Museum a brick-and-mortar facility and develop action plans for next steps.

“This symposium is intended for textile curators, conservators and collectors, educators, designers, industry representatives, passionate practitioners, and anyone who has ever thought that knitting and crochet deserved a museum, but didn’t know where to start,” notes Karen Kendrick-Hands, a yarn shop owner, designer and coordinator of the Museum project. Click here to download a flyer.

About the Knitting Heritage Museum

Begun in 2011, the Knitting Heritage Museum is an initiative of North American knitters and crocheters exploring the creation of an American institute to provide a place to collect, preserve, document and share our knit and crochet heritage. Learn more at http://knittingheritagemuseum.wordpress.com and like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/KnittingHeritageMuseum.